💛Morning Journalling Prompts💛
💛Morning Journalling Prompts💛
Cameron McCarthy

💛Morning Journalling Prompts💛

It’s Day 5.

How’s your journalling coming along, Beauties?

We all know that journaling in the morning sets you up to have the day you want, so how, in the midst of lockdown, do you keep the positivity going?

Check out the technique I’m sharing here; hope you find it as awesome as I do.

It’s a template or short series of positive journaling prompts. The method is easy to use – just read each prompt and write what comes to mind – stream of consciousness style – afterward.

Simply journal whatever comes to mind with each prompt. Don’t dwell on it… don’t wonder what I meant by the prompt or what you’re supposed to write.  All that is irrelevant. 

The delight here is that the prompt will prompt you in ways that only apply to you and there is no wrong approach or answer.

Some prompts are questions. Some are incomplete sentences that will inspire you to finish them in your own words.

So grab your journal… here we go!


Prompt #1

Clear the air. Write any complaints off the top of your head in order to acknowledge them but do NOT feel obligated to resolve them or DEFINITELY do not dwell on them. List your complaints and move on.


Prompt #2

What do you have going for you today?


Prompt #3

It’s great that I am…


Prompt #4

I feel compassion for people who…


Prompt #5 

Tonight, as I reflect upon this day…..


Remember this:  When you make it a practice to see your life through the lens of the goddess ~ through the belief that everything around you is designed to take you higher ~ anything is possible.  Lockdown…or any other seemingly overwhelming life challenge, really… will never keep you from choosing to step into the life you know you can have.

Enjoy your morning journalling ~ it will shift the way in which you see and respond to this time in all of our lives.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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