💛Your Joy Matters!💛
💛Your Joy Matters!💛
Cameron McCarthy

💛Your Joy Matters!💛

The times we are living in are absolutely unprecedented, Beauties, aren't they?

We find ourselves swirling in limitations... strife... racial injustice... economic and social inequity... overt systemic misogyny... declining leadership. 

All against the backdrop of an unrelenting global pandemic.

It’s so easy to slide into the space of taking all of this unrest *personally*, isn't it?
And to slip down the slope of self criticism and self doubt.

💛So, I want to remind You, Precious, Radiant, Divine Being of Light:

We are in this upheaval together.

✨You are a miracle.

✨A joy.

✨A treasure.

✨A brilliant, creative vessel of love.

And your job right now, is not to join forces with all of the beguiling voices that want to intoxicate us with global despair.

💛Your job right now is self care.

And yes, I know.  I know.

You don’t feel like it.  You just can’t. 


✨Beauties, You are Source.  You are the Source of Light... of Life... of Radiance.  

💛Your joy matters.

When we withdraw our self care, it is instantly replaced with self criticism.  (I have done this experiment endlessly.)

What nurtures, what feeds the love inside of us?

✨Joy... embracing all the senses with delight and beauty... choose to feel how that feels inside of you, for just a moment.

💛It is our sacred responsibility to look and feel as magnificent as possible so we can connect to the sacred within ourselves.  To shine our radiance on the world.

✨It's time to BE the heroine of our lives.

We have not been raised to believe we are the source of our own power, the determiners of our own emotional state.  But in truth, that’s exactly who we are.

All it takes to know this is to plug back into our radiance.        

✨You, me, we, are living, breathing light.

Tell me Beauties, how will you feed the beautiful love inside of you today?
How will you nurture yourself with self care?  

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, if I’ve sparked some joy, please consider sharing!
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